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6.1. Personal Webpages

NOTE: We are moving away from publishing webpages on our local server as described below.  Instead, please check out the possibilities of Google Sites through our Google Apps for Education Account here



You can publish webpages  on the public internet on our math server.  Only static web pages are supported (i.e. no php, or other scripting is allowed.)

Basic facts:


1. Create your html page:

There are many different ways to create an html page, including writing out the code in a text editor. For beginners we recommend a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool such as Nvu. Your main/home page should be titled index.html.

2. Move your html page to the server:

3. Check your page:

4. Adjust permissions if necessary:

Using WinSCP:

Using Fugu:

Using the command line:

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