NOTE: These instructions work if the login name for your PC matches your Math username.  This is true for most department-owned PCs.  If this is not the case for you, please go to the command line and type whoami  Contact with the login name that was displayed.

If you use a Departmentally owned computer, you may already have the driver installed.  Look in the Devices and Printers Control Panel for KM-401 or KM-ENR2.  If you do not have this on a Department computer, or need the driver for a personal computer please contact us


First, make sure you are on the Math network, either via an ethernet wired connection or with the Math VPN on wireless.

Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > and click on Add a printer

Note:  If you are on Windows 10 and can't find the Control Panel,  search for it in the Cortana search box. Then look for Devices and Printers.

Next, click on Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer  (this window may not appear on Windows 10 - go to the next step)

Click on The printer that I want isn't listed

Next, click on Select a shared printer by name and enter the correct path to the printer in the field below the button.  

For the M401 printer
For the ENR2 printer

In the next window, select KONICA-MINOLTA as the Manufacturer, and KONICA MINOLTA 554eSeriesPCL as the Printer.

If you don't see these choices, send an email to and ask for help installing the printer.  If you do see the choices, click on OK.  The next window that pops up will tell you that you've successfully added the printer.

Click on Next, then you'll be given a change to print a test page.  Click on Finish and you're done.