These instructions use screenshots from iOS6. iOS7 will look slightly different.

  1. Go to the Settings App

  2. Tap on VPN, then tap Add VPN Configuration. (This may not work on iOS7 - see step a. below.)

    1. If step 2 does not work for you: Go to Settings, General, Scroll down on the right side and tap on VPN (as shown in following figure).

  3. Tap on IPSec at the upper right and enter following settings:
    • Description: Math VPN
    • Server:
    • Account: <your math user name>
    • Password: This will be your math password. We recommend leaving it blank so that is asks for it each time you connect.
    • Use Certificate: This should be off.
    • Group Name: Musers
    • Secret: You can find this here

  4. Tap Save.
  5. Make sure Math VPN is selected and flip the switch to ON.