Mac Initial Setup:

Part 1: Obtain and install the correct Mac driver from this site:

Driver to search for: Bizhub 364e which is combined with 554e series driver

Then click on the drivers button.  Choose this driver:

After you click on this, it will download the zip file.   Go to downloads and double click it.  Then you will see this file:

Double click this to launch the installer:

Click through all the steps for the installer until it finishes.  

Part 2: Add the printer with correct driver

*NOTE: make sure you put the correct printer name here*
Math 401 address/host name:

ENR2 3rd floor address/host name:

Use:  choose Select Software and select Konica Minolta 364e PS

Click OK

Select Add

Click OK

Part 3: Configure the driver

User Authentication & Pop-Up Driver Settings for Mac

Open a document



Follow the numbers

Now when you go to print, here is the Pop-up window the user will see.

(When following these instructions, do not use Preview to open the document - it will not work properly).