Printing, photocopying, and scanning are available on two Konica Minolta printer/copiers located in Math 401 and ENR2 Third Floor South.

You must be on the math network to add/access the printers.  If using UAWiFi you can access the printers by connecting with the MathVPN

Printer names are:

Note: You have to manually add printer using TCP/IP address or hostname

Setting up the Konica Minolta on your computer:

Using the Konica Minolta:


 *Important Note about Printing from the Google Chrome browser


When you click print on your computer, you should get a popup dialog box asking for your Math username and password.  It will look something like this:


Enter the information and click OK.  The job is then sent to the printer.


Once you send a print job from your computer, it will be stored on the copier for up to one day.  You will need to input your math username and password to release the jobs.  The login screen looks like this:


After you log in, if you want to see your printing quota, click on the Copy button of the main menu.  You will see something like this in the upper left:


When the printer is done printing your jobs, you should make sure you log out.  Press the Access button on the right side of the LCD:

You will see a screen like the following.  Click on Yes.


**Please note:  If you print from Chrome, you must click on the link "Print using system dialog box" that appears on the lower left in the Chrome print preview window.


Scanning to Email

Place your document on the glass or in the sheet feeder.

First log onto the printer (see Printing instructions above). 

Then click on the Menu button on the right hand side of the LCD to get this view:

Choose Scan/Fax.   The next screen will look like this:

Click on the Email Me option, then press the Start Key.  The scan will be sent to your email address.


Using a USB Thumb Drive

First log onto the printer (see Printing instructions above).

Then plug your USB Thumb drive into the USB slot on the right side of the printer/copier.

Wait a minute, then this screen should appear:

Click on Print a document from External Memory.

A list of the files on your thumb drive should appear.  Touch the one you want, then press the Start button to print.

Checking your Quota

On the screen click on Meter Count

Next Choose Counter

You will see how much of your quota you have used.


Important Note about Printing from the Google Chrome browser:

When you choose print from within the Google Chrome browser, you will see a preview window like this one:

If you click print on this page, the Konica Minolta will not print because the password window doesn't pop up.  The solution is to click on "Print using system dialog" as seen below: