The Department of Mathematics has two primary websites

  • The Department of Mathematics Public Website
    This website is intended to provide information about our undergraduate program, our graduate program, and information about research by our faculty members. The target audience for this website is the general public, undergraduate students, and researchers from other universities.

  • The Department of Mathematics Internal Website
    While publicly accessible, this website is intended more for people within the department. The goals of this website are:
    • To provide information about the department that may not hold the public interest (meeting minutes, policies, etc.)
    • To provide access to services offered by the department to our faculty, staff, and graduate students
    • To provide access to resources available to people within the department


Personal Web Pages

In addition to the two websites above, we also provide each user with the ability to create personal web pages within their user account.

More information about setting up personal web pages can be found here.